Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cultural Alliance (GIA) 1st Update

Approximately six weeks have passed, since I was awarded one of eight 2008 Grants to Individual Artists. My contract states that I have one year to complete my proposal but it already feels like the time is passing so quickly!

Ten days ago I made my first purchase -a digital camera- with the funds that have been allocated to me. This camera will stay with me 24/7. I have several road trips planned, this month, to drive south of Birmingham throughout the Black Belt region to take photos of . . . people, structures, landscapes, things, stuff . . . anything and everything that speaks to me will be photographed and used as reference shots for the images that will eventually become linoleum block prints. Clothes drying on a clothesline, kudzu, rusted tin, cotton fields, you name it, it's all fair game.

I wake up thinking about my project and it's on my mind when I turn in at the end of the day. I keep a sketch book and a Moleskin notebook nearby. Ideas come to me at the oddest times. I've learned to write/sketch every thought. If I don't, it'll be harder to recover later in the day. I'm, currently, writing my story line for the blocks that I hope to cut. Until I complete my road trips, it'll be hard to say what the final images will be but for the time being I have created a pseudo storyboard. A storyboard is a series of diagrams or visuals created to provide a foundation for the ideas that will eventually be produced. It's a template. Throughout the process, editing takes place and over time a well defined collection of text and/or visual sequences emerge. In my case, I'll place a few words of text within a 2 x 3 inch wide rectangle with a note to myself referencing a scene or gesture that I think I'll want to illustrate to enhance the words. I'll repeat this process many times over the next 3 to 6 months.

I'm not happy. I had written several additional paragraphs and then BLAM! my blogger page crashed. I'm too tired to retype or rethink what I'd written so I'm shutting this puppy down.

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