Sunday, September 14, 2008

ARTWALK 2008 Birmingham, Alabama

I had a wonderful two days participating in the Birmingham ARTWALK 2008 art festival which was held on Friday, September 5th and Saturday, September 6th. I had a great location and a perfect host H. B. Brantley, president and founder of Brantley Visioneering. I shared space with two other artists, Ken Turk a glass artist from South Carolina and local personality and filmmaker/photographer Leo Ticheli.

The best part of any art festival, for me, is meeting new friends and seeing old faces. A few of my coworkers dropped by and I had an opportunity to meet the new President and CEO of the Cultural Alliance of Greater Birmingham Buddy Palmer.

My third place award was a wonderful surprise. If you look closely you can see it hanging at the top right side of the panel. I received a monetary award along with the ribbon. I sold quite a few prints but found myself constantly arranging and rearranging the prints as I pulled them off of the wall(s) to show to patrons who wanted a closer look at them. It was a bit awkward. I'll have to find another way to handle this.

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Blogger FreeSpirit said...

Oh how wonderful! I remember you from the Botanical Gardens Art Show this year. We had a small baby and I commented on how lovely your quilt was, hanging in the background. Congratulations!

9:50 PM  

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