Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Sunday Morning Surprise!

My usual habit is to read the morning paper, very early, and then move on with the day. About mid-afternoon I jump on the computer to check messages, read my daughter's blog MAKE IT and surf the web. However, this morning I simply skimmed the paper. I made a point of checking to see if Desperate Housewives was coming on tonight to start the new season and then I put the paper down thinking that I'd get back to it later in the day.

When I started checking my email messages I saw a subject line which read: COVER GIRL. It had been sent by a patron of mine (we'll call him PAT). His message read as follows: "Your work is on the cover of Play in The Birmingham News this morning. Congratulations!" My teeth fell out of my mouth! How did I miss that???!!! I was so excited that I ripped thru the house to find the PLAY section of The Birmingham News and on the cover was, indeed, my work promoting the upcoming Bluff Park Art Show which will be held on Saturday, October 4th. This image (shown above) is the lino print that is displayed, in part, on the cover of PLAY, The Birmingham News, Sunday, September 28, 2008. Better yet, you can see how beautifully my linoleum print compliments the blog column written by Michael Huebner who is the fine arts writer and classical music critic for The Birmingham News.

Kudos to PAT. I know that he's working his magic behind the scene and I'm grateful for his support and for his confidence in me.

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