Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Setting the Bar a Wee Bit Higher

The 44th Annual Bluff Park Art Festival has come and gone. It was wonderful . . .and more tiring than previous festivals. But, I survived it! The venue marked my one year anniversary as an exhibitor on the art festival circuit. I have met so many interesting people. It's worth the time and effort (and money) just to get out there to meet them. Last year I stayed close to home; next year I hope to stretch my legs a bit by traveling out-of-state. I'm in the process of applying for juried festivals for 2008. I haven't received any notices yet but I'll post my show schedule as the dates roll in. Also, I'm FINALLY working on my ideas and images for a website. My friend, April, has promised to assist me. She's waiting for me to stop procrastinating.

The composite that is posted with this entry shows the original pencil sketch, linoleum block relief cut and the beginning stitches of a needlepoint canvas that I'm working on, of the same design. I'll post larger progression images of the needlepoint over the next few months. The title of the block print is "Mississippi Purple Hull Black Eye Peas." It's lyrical, don't you think?

Needlepoint is my first love. I'm taking a few months off (away from block printing) to stitch new canvases in preparation for a one-woman show August 2008. Some of the linoleum block prints which I've created this year will be converted to needlepoint. I think that I want to exhibit the original sketch and the block print along with
the needlepoint canvas. It'll be a striking and powerful presentation.


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