Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gettin' Ready for my Second Art Festival!

I am stoked! Last week I received a call from the owner of the 4 Seasons Antiques and Art Gallery in Bluff Park informing me that all four of my linoleum blocks prints had sold. Thank you! Thank you! I'm in need of additional funds to frame nine more lino block prints for the Magic City Art Festival which will be held at the end of this month. There's a lot of truth in the statement that "it takes money, to make money." Framing is sooooooo expensive. I'm still new with the art festival circuit thingy and it always seems as tho I'm rolling pennies to apply towards framing. Why is that?

Hey, I'm posting the front side of my post card announcement that I'll mail out next week. It's simple but it serves the purpose.

I'm in overdrive these days carving and printing lino blocks. A friend of mine has cautioned me to not become too ambitious with cutting large blocks and to keep most of my prints smaller than my usual 8 x 10 size. So this go 'round I'm focusing more on 5 x7 block prints. I trust his judgement. He has a pretty good feel for art festivals. Just that little bit of information has saved me a lot of time and angst.

For some reason I'm in a raven/pumpkin/gourd mode. Ravens are really difficult to cut. One teeny slip of the cutting tool and your raven has turned into a duck! or a sparrow! It's hard to 'splain (Lucy), but ravens are a challenge. Here's the first print of many that I've already printed. What do you think?

My lawn needs to be cut. Once upon a time I was the homeowner, on my block, who set the bar in keeping the yard mowed and trimmed. Neighbors followed suit within a day or two. However, I've had to REALLY prioritize my time lately. And most weekends and evenings, after work, have not included yard work. Geez, it shows. I feel like I need to "keep up with the Jones'." Where are the teens who used to come around and cut your grass for pocket change? Times have changed.

The ONB/Magic City Art Festival web site should be up. If I was as smart as my kids I could add a link here so that all you'd have to do is "click." Obvioulsy, I don't know how to do it so you'll just have to go to: and check it out. I'm in the printmaking catagory.

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Congrats!! Love your work. It's great!

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