Friday, January 26, 2007

My plate is full!

I've had a busy week.
A few days ago, I had my first experience taping a show for a local cable television channel. What an experience! 22 minutes. I was invited to talk about my needlepoint art and canvases but I can't remember a thing that I said! I can't even remember how or when they clipped the microphone on my blouse! My fifteen minutes of fame and I left the tv studio feeling like I needed to go bury my head in the sand. Ugh!

I've been told that the best thing about having a taping done (as opposed to doing a live set) is that the production crew will work their magic with the editing equipment and piece the "better" parts together. Geez, I hope so. This particular segment will air (or "loop" as they say) throughout the month of February on the Bright House cable channel. February is Black History month and the Birmingham Public Library is celebrating in a big way. My interview will tie into a Brown Bag Lunch talk that I will give on February 21st, at the Birmingham Public Library. A display window on the first floor of the main library will have samples of my needlepoint pieces. Check your local paper for all of the scheduled events sponsored by the Birmingham Public Library.

The Magic City Art Connection in Linn Park is coming! April 27th, 28th 29th. This will be my second art festival. Seems like a long way off, but here it is almost February and my inventory is lacking. I'm gonna have to kick it up a notch the next few weeks. I have plenty of sketches and ideas, I just need to buckle down and get the lino blocks cut and printed. I've been distracted this month and need to refocus. In addition to preparing for the art festival, I'm planning for my son's graduation and family gathering. He's a prince; pampered . . .but he's mine. It's interesting to watch him as he completes his last semester of college. He is SO ready to be independent. If he only knew.


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