Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ravens and Melons

I've been pretty busy cutting new blocks the last few weeks. One week I focused entirely on ravens...then melons...then ravens and melons. These are limited edition 5 x 7 blocks. Initially, I had planned to use one of them as a design for my holiday card. But, here it is one week or so before Christmas and I still haven't committed to printing the cards. Okay, maybe next year. Here are three images from the grouping of eight that I worked on. I plan to post these on Etsy.

I've just received notification that I'll be a participant in the April 2007 Magic City Art Festival, Birmingham. This is great news for me. When I decided earlier this year to give the art festival circuit a try, I promised myself that I would only enter juried venues. The most anxious moment is when you submit slides of your art and you have to wait...and wait...weeks before you find out if your work has made the cut—or not. So far, I'm two for two.

The Bluff Park Art Festival on last October 7th was a good initial launch for me. I learned a lot and because it was a one day festival, I survived it with my enthusiasm in tack. Receiving the Popular Choice Award was a wonderful surprise but in addition to that I, also, had an opportunity to meet great people, museum reps and gallery owners. One individual who I met was Keith Wilson, the owner of Four Seasons Antiques and Art. The gallery is located at 809 Shades Crest Road in Bluff Park. Here's the website: or better yet, stop in and chat with Keith. And while you're there, look for my four framed lino prints. How cool is that?!!

The Magic City Art Festival will be a 3-day venue. It'll take place the last weekend of April. I'm not sure how much of a challenge it'll be but because I won't have to look for room and board for the weekend, I'm sure that I'll get thru it stress free. There's no doubt that I'll be grateful to get home to the comfort of my own bed each night. I don't know how many art festivals you have to participate in before you can consider yourself a veteran but I hope to have several under my belt by the end of 2007. The challenge will be to stay focused and to keep the quality of my work consistent.


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