Sunday, October 24, 2010


I've been on the road, participating in art festivals, locally and regionally, almost every other weekend since August. Grueling. If you're holding down a full-time job and you think that going on the road with your art is easy my advice to you is NOT TO DO IT! It's insane.

KENTUCK was my last outdoors festival, to participate in, this year.
And. . . to my surprise, I was presented with a Merit Award. Never saw it coming. Never expected it. Ever. I was stunned! For those who participate in art festivals and/or follow established and emerging artists you know that receiving an award, on any level, at KENTUCK is H-U-G-E! Competition within each category is extremely high. It's difficult enough to be juried into the festival much less receive an award. To say that I'm walking on air, one week after the fact, is an understatement. The acknowledgement of my work, linoleum block relief prints, by the KENTUCK committee speaks volumes. I'm encouraged. My stock just went up.

I was assigned to a new spot, on the festival grounds, this year. Initially, I moaned about it. I'll be the first to admit that I had become very comfortable sandwiched between the University of Alabama Book Arts booth, Peter Rose, Kathy Fetters and Glenn House, Sr. I didn't want to deal with any of the anxiety that comes with a location shift. But, as we all know, change is not necessarily a bad thing. In the end, it all worked out.

The party at KENTUCK doesn't begin until Amos Kennedy appears. Here's a pic of Amos, in all his splendor, walking towards me in his trademark coveralls and pink tee. Everybody who meets Amos has a story to tell about him. I have my stories, too. My poster "ALL COMMUNITIES DESERVE HEALTHY FOOD'' was produced after having a conversation with Amos about creating art "for the people." He speaks; I listen. More about that later.

In closing, thanks to all who stopped by to say hello and a special thanks to my patrons. Lastly, my heart felt gratitude to Tom who works his magic, setting up and breaking down camp, each and every time. Couldn't do it without him. Thank you, Tom.

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