Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009. New Year. New Art.

I managed to cut two linoleum blocks over the holiday season.
Neither image will be used for the CAGB project. The first cut shows an African American sharecropper plowing a field. After cutting the block for three days, I decided that it was just too generic and boring.

I've redone the drawing . . . but changed the perspective. It's stronger and more dynamic. I'm not in the habit of drawing animals but the plow mule is important to my story line and I can't get around it. Whatever. I'm constantly resetting the bar for myself so if it means rethinking, redrawing and recutting a block then that's what I'll do. That's that.

This second lino block cut is my interpretation of an image by photographer Lewis Hine. I was actually quite pleased with my attempt to carve several very tight circular forms into the linoleum surface without the gouge sliding under the pressure. Okay, here's where I pat myself on the back. (pat-pat)

On another note . . . I used to jog three days a week. I haven't done so in over 18 months. I've turned into a slug. And I know it. Well, it's back to the track. I actually joined a group to keep me motivated. I don't expect to run the Boston marathon next year (not because I can't work up to that level; I'm just not interested) but I do have high expectations to return to running and to run stronger. No, this is not a resolution for the New Year; it's a goal. Big difference.

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