Sunday, May 16, 2010

Morgan Creek Art Fest, Harpersville, Alabama

I think that I need to invest in a laptop (APPLE, of course).
From the time I leave my 9 to 5 day job on Fridays, I'm engaged in my artwork in some form or fashion, until I return to the job on Monday mornings. My weekends always fly by (what is that saying about time passing quickly when you're having fun??) and I'm constantly jotting down tidbits of information, in real time, to use as points of reference when I find a moment to blog. Of course, I always misplace my notes and I mumble and grumble to myself when I finally settle in front of my home computer and realize that I have to rely on my memory (which ain't that great) to write. I truly believe that it'll all come back to me, if I stare at the monitor long enough. What a waste. But! If I have a laptop I'll be inspired to blog as my adventures unfold and I could even upload the pictures within a matter of minutes, right? (Pausing to laugh out loud.)

I exhibited my artwork at Morgan Creek Winery in Harpersville, AL yesterday. The weather was perfect, the grounds were impeccably landscaped and the setting was absolutely beautiful. Setup was between 8:30a and 10:30a. The event opened at 11a and closed at 6pm with a jazz concert following at 6:30pm. Sales were slow but I was okay with that. Sometimes, it's not always about sales. It's about meeting and greeting or explaining your art process to someone who is interested enough to inquire; taking short breaks to introduce yourself to new artists and sharing stories and laughs with artists and craftsmen who are no longer strangers but friends on the circuit. I met Jean and Jack Lincoln, jewelry designers, from Pell City. They're great friends of Penny Arnold, glass artist, who is a new acquaintance of mine. Last year, I blogged about taking a class with Penny at the Birmingham Museum of Art and she and I have developed a friendship since that time. Jack sits on the board of the St. Clair Council of the Arts and Penny is the newly elected President of the organization. I, also, met Jennifer from McCalla, AL who owns Tiny Hineys. Love, love, love her baby boutique clothes line! Bill Palmer furniture designer stopped by; a new face, new name. Fellow artists Becky Bolton Crisswell & Troy Crisswell, Art Bacon, Lonnie "The Sand Man" Holley, Donna Branch and others were in attendance. Artist John Sims & his lovely bride joined the crowd early afternoon. They strolled the vineyards, viewed the art then disappeared into the wine tasting hut. Laurel Mills, the coordinator of the art event, allowed each artist to select a bottle of wine to take home. A lovely gesture at the end of a long day. I selected Morgan Creek's Sweet Peach table wine.

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Blogger Jean said...

We talked about driving down. However, I came home from school Friday with a cold or virus or some crud, and I was asleep on the couch by 8. When we lived in Missouri years ago, we spent many happy weekend days sitting at one of the wineries that sit along the Missouri River. I wish we had been able to come Saturday. Glad you had a good day though.

2:22 PM  

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