Monday, October 26, 2009


Kentuck Festival of the Arts has come and gone.

It was cold. It was muddy. Windy and long. Some things you just don't have any control over.
Yeah, like the weather.

Puddles and puddles of water. Thick mud that you usually won't find anywhere but across the state line in Mississippi. Trucks and trailers unable to move . . . forward or backwards. Port-o-potty's. Lord, I hate those things. Waiting in line for two hours to register and then being told that you'll have to wait another two hours. And let's not mention the fact that it was homecoming weekend for Alabama.

But . . . I still love the venue in spite of the misery each of us had to endure. It was worth it. Saw old friends; made new friends.

Kentuck is not Kentuck without Amos Kennedy. He was in rare form despite the cold weather. I was assigned to the same space as last year (B-34) which, believe me, is a BIG deal. UA Book Arts to my left and Peter Rose, Kathy Fetters and the one and only Glenn House, Sr., on my right. Couldn't have asked for better row mates.

I was introduced to Birney Imes, editor and publisher for The Commercial Dispatch (Columbus, MS). Birney is the author of JUKE JOINT. A book of color photographs taken of the black juke joints of the Mississippi Delta. Beautiful images.

Also, I had a chance to chat with Craig Patterson. THE HONORABLE Craig Patterson, Mayor of Gordo. Last time I saw him, he and I were dancing to the beat of a local blues band in the middle of Main Street. Fun! Always happy to see fellow artist Julian H. I love that he always travels with an entourage! Julian makes me smile. Kudos to the SLOSS crew. I have a lot of respect for them.

One of my most interesting conversations was with C. Morgan the grandson of Charles Morgan, Jr., a civil rights lawyer who passed away in January of this year. Mr. Morgan was an individual who first came to public attention because of a speech that got him run out of his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. He spoke against the politicians who catered to racism. Charles Morgan, Jr. published a book: A TIME TO SPEAK. I haven't read it, but I will.

Let's face it folks. The times, they are a changing.

To my patrons and to all who stopped by to say "hello" thank you for your support! And, as always, a special thanks to Tom for all that you do, so patiently.

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Blogger James said...

Hi there. I was wondering if you could help me. I'm trying to find a way to contact Glenn House. You've mentioned him in a couple of your postings and have mentioned his gallery in an old Napa Auto Parts store but I can't seem to find any phone number, website or email.

Can you help a guy out who absolutely loves his work?


9:54 PM  
Blogger James said...

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