Sunday, September 13, 2009

Am I moving closer to a vegetarian lifestyle?

I love the south and all thing southern. But since August I find that I have, slowly but surely, started to exclude certain animal products from my daily intake. My change in diet took a turn after I watched a movie, last month, entitled Food, Inc. with my daughter and her boyfriend. You can "GOOGLE" Food, Inc. and read about it all over the world wide web but here's a link to the issues to get you started. Watching cows and pigs and chickens move about their feedlots in their own waste until slaughter has turned something on (or maybe off) in my brain.

I can't call myself a true vegetarian simply because I've cut out beef and pork products. I continue to eat fish. However, something tells me that even though I quit eating meat products cold turkey, giving up fish may not be that far behind. I've already started adapting recipes. My reason for giving up meat products has nothing to do with weight loss. It's not politically motivated even though I realize now that our most important staple foods have been fundamentally altered and genetically engineered. I have no desire to sign a petition of any kind.

The thought of eating shit is reason enough.

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