Sunday, March 09, 2008

An Afternoon with Kathryn Tucker Windham

This weekend seems to have flown by! Maybe, because of the time change. Did you remember to reset your clocks?

I had a list of things to do but only one item was actually completed. Bummer! At the top of the list and a real priority was to have those two bad links/pages on my website corrected. But, I didn't feel like sitting at the home computer after having spent the work week, eight hours a day, looking at a monitor and shifting thru mundane graphic requests.

The second item that was (kind of) a priority was to carve a lino block for an upcoming art show. This would have been a relaxing endeavor until I reread the application and realized that the image had to be reduced considerably. This was a show of mini-works on paper and the specs indicated that the art could not be larger than a dollar bill. Whaaaaaaaat??!! Okay, I took a pass on that; too much measuring and thinking.

However, the third item on my list was to make time, on Sunday afternoon, and drive downtown to the Birmingham Museum of Art to listen to one of Alabama's greatest treasures, Kathryn Tucker Windham, talk about her life as an author and photographer. What a storyteller! What a treat! A lot of her stories are told, "off the top of her head" and her photos have the same unstudied quality. She's wonderful. 'yall missed it. Google her name and read about her. Better yet, start with the Wikipedia entry, and click to your heart's delight.

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